KickStarter Is Up. Update On Waistband Fits & If Unisex or Nah.

Our KickStarter has now been live for a few days. I am very excited that that is now in motion! Thanks so much to anyone supporting and sharing our posts! <3

I have been working like a crazy person trying to make sure that I am launching this project in the BEST possible way. Everyday I am learning more & am able to see what designs people seem to like best. I hope to use this knowledge to better the future designs as best as possible. I personally LOVE the leggings. I received my mockups right before the KickStarter campaign went live. They are very soft, almost like you are not wearing anything..It's a little odd at first, but I could wear them ALL DAY. Maybe one day I'll quit my day job and do just that!! Haha. Most of all, they are not see through. You should have seen me squatting & looking in the mirror to double check. I dare say, you could wear fuchsia undies & not see them. At least, if you order the correct size. If you wear a medium & order an XS, then that may not stand. 

I have had a lot of people ask me if the leggings are unisex. YES. They are, BUT I personally had picked the yoga (higher waisted) fit because that is what I prefer. I never really gave it a second thought, but because I have had so many people ask I am going to do something a little crazy.

I will be offering legging designs with 2 different waistband style choices: Yoga (at the belly button) & Regular (below the belly button, resting on hips). Although the Yoga style fit could be for men or women, most men do not prefer a higher waisted fit. I have met women who really dislike the higher waisted leggings as well, so I think it will be better to have 2 options for everyone. I am calling the Regular fit "Unisex" on my site. Of course, my real website will launch when the KickStarter campaign is done.

Because of hopefully trying to offer both fits for every design, it has made organizing the site a little odd, but I have made it available where people will be able to shop via waistband fit. I hope this is easy to navigate & once it is launched, please feel free to send me your opinion to !

I am also very thankful in deciding to take my time to launch. I have been able to get such great feedback from everyone & little did I know I would need extra time for these adjustments before fully launching.

I am so grateful to you guys! Thanks so much for helping me. This really is a group effort. <3

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