Latest Update: We Are In the Early Stages! & A Little On ME. ;-)

Wow. So I am just getting this thing started, but I am so excited! I have always wanted to try something as cool as designing clothes, so here I am.

So just a few weeks ago I started drawing out my chart on launching this company. I'm not going to lie, it took a good amount of hours to lay out & do research on how I wanted to move forward, even after launch. So last week we started on logos & I got the social media started (instagram, facebook, twitter). This week I have started to work on designing items. I think I am going to write out an idea chart for that as well. Great ideas can be fleeting. I've learned over the years to start writing them down.


A little on me. I recently moved to Atlanta, GA. It's been a wild experience! I work in the city. I've been doing hair now for about 7 or so years. I have a husband & a frenchie whom I love! I have 2 gym memberships. An active lifestyle keeps my mind in check & my body healthy...& I just love it! So there in began my obsession with leggings. Honestly, pants have just never fit me well. Any athletic chick can relate! I feel like your weight is up & down anyway as a woman. 

When I started thinking about launching a clothing company, I wanted to make sure I had a clear vision, but more than that, a clear mission. My vision for the clothing: Clean & simple designs that are enjoyable to wear, as well as some more fun/expressive types of lines for when you're feeling fun and goofy.

But my mission is this: If I can help someone feel awesome via the clothes they put on their body, I want to. I want comfortability & functionality, but I want to hit you right in your feel good button. 

Thanks for reading & thanks in advance for any support you extend my way!

Tori <3

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