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KickStarter: Soon To Launch!

So, a lot has happened. I have been working very hard on getting the designs ready so by the end of the KickStarter, we have multiple reward options! We plan to go live with the campaign on August 1st. I am very excited and thank you all in advance for your support! Here is on of my most recent designs. :) I am very excited about it!   

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Latest Update: We Are In the Early Stages! & A Little On ME. ;-)

Wow. So I am just getting this thing started, but I am so excited! I have always wanted to try something as cool as designing clothes, so here I am. So just a few weeks ago I started drawing out my chart on launching this company. I'm not going to lie, it took a good amount of hours to lay out & do research on how I wanted to move forward, even after launch. So last week we started on logos & I got the social media started (instagram, facebook, twitter). This week I have started to work on designing items. I think I am going to write out an idea chart for that as well. Great ideas can be...

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