Faye Lynn Cherrier | EverLegendary Athlete

Faye has a funky style when it comes to Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and likes to keep it fun and use gymnastic related movements to her benefit. She started training BJJ consistently 4 years ago. Faye started at Bangkok Boxing for self-defense then soon after fell in love with the sport. While she was taking a KB class, her first BJJ instructor, Muhammad, caught her staring at the BJJ class and asked if she would like to try it out. Fayelynn agreed even though she was slightly weirded out. After a while, she joined Knuckle Up to be apart of their women's team to enhance her training. She loves doing CrossFit with Monique Travis. “She makes me strong!” Sponsored by EverLegendary & BNGround
“I live for the competition. First place is always the goal.“
Purple belt @ 4'11" tall 
Weight class: around 105lbs. IBJJF Rooster
Favorite Submission: “Don't really have one, but if I have to pick... Triangle Armbar”
Hometown: San Diego, California 
All-American 7th Place NAIA Women's Wrestling
IBJJF Purple National Champion 2018
IBJJF Purple Pan Am Silver Medalist 2018
IBJJF New York Pro Champion 2018
IBJJF Blue Worlds Bronze Medalist 2017
IBJJF Blue Pan Ams Bronze Medalist 2017
IBJJF Blue Atlanta BJJ Pro Champion 2016
IBJJF Multiple time medalist in multiple weight classes
Kakuto Absolute Finalist 2017
Park & Roll Super Fight NoGi Champion 2016
Instagram: @fayelynn123